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Traction Zero is a Live for Speed S1/S2, Show Drifting Team that was founded back in 2003. At the time there was not many drifters that combined speed with style. Most players would "speed drift" (not much angle) on s1 demo days trying to go as fast as possible.

Only a small group of people didn't mind losing speed, getting high angle's all around the tracks. This is when show drifters started to appear in the LFS drifting scene. (2003 ~ 2004)

Traction Zero was one of the first teams, amongst Parallel Drift Team and Velds-D, to use lots of angle to get intense smokey tandems!

The Beginning

Traction Zero was originally created 13 years ago in demo servers on Live for Speed S1. At the time Impact44 had founded the team and called "DrifterX" (Old 240SX) also known as "Crisis", to be on his side, making sure everything would go as planned.

Impact44 assigned a Co-Leader position to StiG©x. A great drifter from Israel.

Whenever you would go online StiG©x would be right there keeping things in order, making sure everyone was having fun, and most importantly respect one another!

While ScaRFacE wasn't getting a thrill out of the S1 version of the game, it wouldn't take long for him to find the team doing massive training sessions on the demo version. What surprised him was how TZ kept pushing each other to have higher entry speeds, staying closer to each other, and holding as much angle while at it! He decided to stay on S1 demo for abit longer and see what these guys were capable of, soon StiG©x noticed that and told Impact44 about him. The members that represented TZ at the time, Jontte and Miki Ryuji acknowledged the fact that he was different, and Impact44 invited ScaRFacE as a team member.

While the team was getting recognized for the well easy to catch color combination of our cars, there was also a huge difference in our drifting style. People would join our drifting server and just sit there spectating the team doing training sessions, always a great show to watch!

After some years went by, Impact44 decided to give ScaRFacE the co-leader position at his side in TZ, due to his dedication to make this team the best there is.

The amount of events that we won during this time can not be described, even when people would challenge us at the spot, rage quitting was a common thing for people to do. at that time some members had to take breaks from playing due to their real jobs, education, getting maried, raising kids etc. Many reasons lots of us took a break with time, sometimes weeks, but also for months.

In order to solve this problem and to keep TZ from losing their long time reputation, that was build up over the years we had to come up with a solution. Impact44 had the idea of making another team to play casually, and the team was called Adrenaline.

A promise was made, that TZ should only continue if we get time to stay dedicated to the team, and Impact44 kept TZ safe for quite some years. We had lots of fun playing with Adrenaline, that was a casual team only.

Eventually when S2 released, many people that was still with us from Adrenaline, didn't know that some people on LFS noticed the fact that the founder had made a decision in the past, which was to keep their tags to [Adlin] for the time being. Some people thought they could re-open the team without permission from the original founder, but they failed many times.

We must say that it could only be right to bring Traction Zero back to the track when the original founder arrived, just to make sure the team would still be exclusive. With the same rules and standards that was worked with from the start.

We do not take responsability for any of the fake TZ teams there was before this time.

Traction Zero was officially brought back to LFS around December 2015, by Impact44. On a mission to bring back the first crew one more time.

After a long search by everyone, even almost giving up, he found one of our first members from the past, that was DMX. One of our original members that joined Adrenaline at the time, and Impact44 gave to DMX the leadership of Adrenaline.

Impact44 and Daigo Saitos made a comeback video to show the world that Traction Zero is back on the right track, also explaining the team history better and hoping our first members would notice this tribute to them;

Impact44 decided to keep looking for the original crew, withou sucess, he didn't take them long to find back many of the first legends of s1 times. Today, Traction Zero is complete again with the original founder and with the best crew ever made.

We are not just here to talk about the past, we are about to make a change for the future, with news members, news car skins, new exciting videos, and competitive drifting events!

This is only just a new beginning!

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Follow all these instructions:

AI Cars are not allowed in tz servers, use common sense its not a server to race.

Traction Zero team comes to announce our new dedicated server, the family is getting big and a server is necessary to keep our fun and all members together.

About the server and the future, instructions for TZ members.

1) The first month we open with 16 slots but the new months will arrive with 32 slots and so successively.

2) In the server will run many events drift, the competitions will opens space for new teams, a place to you test your skills.

3) Traction Zero team will be allowed to close the server anytime to a private session for a team training.

4) If the server is openned for the public and even if you are a member of TZ will not be allowed treat the public without respect, the punishment will come at the first time for you as a warning , two times with the ban of the server and the third with the expulsion of the team.

5) Traction Zero team have the politics about the majority, you are not able to take decisions by yourself, all need be shared, mainly by the team leader.

5.5) Layouts All layouts are welcome but the layout of the time follow our politics and will be decided by the majority in the server.

6) Conduct of members in other servers: will not be acceptable a Traction Zero member make any kinda of trouble in any server, if anytime you be spotted making troubles or be reported, your acts will be investigated and providence gonna be taken asap.

7) Every big decision need pass through Impact44, we don't make things without all be in agreement, make sure that you are following our old school code or you will get punished.

8) Admin rights, all TZ members without exception is able to have the admin rights, change layouts, time, laps, with exception of competitions that needs be planned.

8) We have the log of TZ servers with all you guys acts, so if we see any evidence of crazy things like insult, racism, power abuse, anything that follow this line, it will not be tolerated, Traction Zero is not a team for kids and a member is not recognized by these kinda attitude.

9) To get admin rights make sure that you read all these rules, to get the password send a private message to any leader or a manager, you will receive a admin password that cannot be shared, otherwise if we see in the logs you sharing the password you will be automatically deleted of team.

9.9) To learn about the command lines click in the following link:

10 ) TZ Members are not allowed to switch tag to other teams tags, or unknown tags if you're fighting for our flag, do with love.

There are the all command line listed in the link above.

From Begining Till The End With TZ


Competition Winners

If you're a competitive person and would like to join one of our competitions take a look in the TZ Events section. The winners of our events will be announced here so you can share with your team mates what you have achieved!

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Traction Zero Members

We are located all around the globe, each one of us in a different place in the world, we have graphic designers, car mechanics, content managers and professional drivers, these are the things that brought us where we are today, TZ forever!

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