TZ LFD CUP Season One
27/05/2016 - 28/05/2016



Live Stream - Event 21/01/2017

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About Traction Zero

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Traction Zero is a traditional drift team that was born in 2003. We are currently active on LFS but looking to expand to other e-sport driving games.
We are interested in all car related games, and all of us are professional drivers so we have a preference for simulators.
Traction Zero is more than just a team, it's a family. We have build our brand with much effort through the years. Everybody get's treated equal and that's what makes our team so powerful and lasting.
We have our LFS server running 24/7. If you want to drive with us, you can join our server named [TRACTION ZERO] - DRIFT or [TZ] Traction Zero
  • Traction Zero Rules +

    We have some rules that need to be followed by all members at all time. Breaking any of these rules can result in a punishment. These rules can be found at the "ABOUT TZ & RULES" page.
  • Traction Zero Website & Forum Rules +

    This website has been build with passion, and alot of effort. You are expected to behave yourself on this website and within our drift community or actions will follow.
  • The Purpose of this Website +

    This website has been in order to keep the drift community close together. People who want to start drifting but don't know how are always welcome!
  • Paid Competitions & Awards +

    We are currently working alot of upcoming events and competitions. Our competitions are succesfull because of the fact that we have strict rules and a fair judging system to all participants. We are also working on a new type of events where you will need to buy a ticket in order to be able to participate. The participants and winners of these events will be rewarded with things such as steam games, lfs licenses and even money price awards up to 200 US dollars! For further information about this keep updated through our website and forum.
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How Do I Join TZ?

The only way to join TZ is through receiving a special invite from the staff, we are not inviting new members right now, but that does not mean you cannot be invited anytime without a previous warning, here are some of the minimum requirements.


Not just a great drifter, character matters the most!


We prefer all of our team members to join the TZ WhatsApp group.


You constantly need to improve your drift skills with us.


Essential part of being a TZ member, find time to drift with the team!


Be polite to others, answer any questions, respect our values, anything useful!


Always make sure that you respect the game and the community!

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Our Further Plans

Traction Zero originally started in Live for Speed, but we plan to expand our team to other racing games. Here are some of them that we would like to take part in the near future.

  • All
  • Assetto Corsa
  • IRacing
  • Project Cars
  • RFactor
  • Forza Motorsport 6

    New to the Forza Motorsport series is wet-weather driving.[1] Instead of being merely cosmetic, the rain effects in the game
    Read More
  • Good Physics

    iRacing's physics are very good indeed. They're perhaps not as fun as some of the other sims, but that's partly
    Read More
    • IRacing
  • Nice Graphics, Bad Physics

    Project CARS has a robust physics model and has outstanding graphics, dynamic lighting and changeable weather conditions. It also has
    Read More
    • Project Cars
  • Interesting

    It has an interesting selection of cars and tracks, although some racing fans may be slightly disappointed by the dominance
    Read More
    • Assetto Corsa
  • Very Competitive

    It's a good-looking game, although this is more thanks to the cars rather than the tracks. The cars are very
    Read More
    • RFactor
  • Stock Car Extreme

    The bulk of the game's content is based around the Brazillian Stock Car series, a championship of 'silhouette' cars with
    Read More

Competition Progress

Here you will get a better look at how we host our competitions and how to join with us, we got many event price awards coming! Traction Zero is aiming to further expand to e-sport car games, keep yourself updated with us.

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Simple and Functional

Our event system had been developed to be fair to all participants that enter the competition. TZ events will be based on strict rules so don't be a bad sport!

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Two Phases

Our competitions are devided into two phases. In the first phase the qualification laps and qualification to the semi finals take place. In the second phase the semi finals and grand finals will take place. These two phases are spread over two days where the qualifications take place in the first day and the finals in the second day. Any updates or changes will be announced to all subscribers in the event section in advance!

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After every event the winners will be announced on our website and facebook page. Stay updated for competitions including awards like lfs licenses, steam games and even cash prices!

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Competition Winners

If you're a competitive person and would like to join one of our competitions take a look in the TZ Events section. The winners of our events will be announced here so you can share with your team mates what you have achieved!

  • Amazing drift event, I loved it, can't wait until the next!!
    Dom TZ Fan
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Traction Zero Members

We are located all around the globe, each one of us in a different place in the world, we have graphic designers, car mechanics, content managers and professional drivers, these are the things that brought us where we are today, TZ forever!

Latest News in TZ Blog

Keep yourself updated with all of the latest traction zero related news regarding things such as drifting competitions, new skins, drifting setups, technics and tips!

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